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Our Village and House

A view of our street

Directly in front of the house.  Our's is to the right of the tree on the left, we share one wall with our neighbors

The front of the house.  The little building in front is a storage shed.

Our front door.  The little window is the front bathroom's.  The windows to the left are the kitchen windows.

Front Hallway right as you come in the door

Another view from the front door showing the stairs to the second floor
View from the front door hallway into the living/dining/kitchen and garden

To the right of the front door, the bathroom

From the door of the living room, looking to your left

Looking towards the middle of the livingroom, and a view of the garden

Then, to the right of that

The best piece of furniture in the house :), oh, that's the vacuum to the right

More to the left of that other picture

Even more to the left of the last picture, here's the dining table, notice the sockets, yes they are all in the middle of the wall.  Oh, yes, by the way, there is texture to the wall it's not the camera.

The dining table and part of the kitchen on the left

The kitchen and front window which faces the street

The view facing out of the livingroom to the front door hallway.  Yes, that is still the vacuum to the left.

A view of the back of the house.  The lower window is the sliding door out to the garden from the livingroom.  The top two windows are Melvin and my bedroom and the spare bedroom

A closer look at the garden.  Notice the little pathways.

More.  Here's the deck at the foot of the garden.  Love those lights, eh? Soren calls them balls.

On the deck looking out onto the canal.

To the left.  The gate opens so that if your local friends happed to be boating along the canal, they could stop in an say hello.

The right side.

The deck looking out.  If you look really closely you can see a duck on the other side of the canal.  He's in the fourth frame of the fence counting from the left.


Upstairs Coming Soon

A Short Trip to Amsterdam Central

The tram

A canal in downtown Central

The Palace

Another canal in Central

Upstairs at a restaurant I ate at.  That is a Manchurian restaurant

Inside the restaurant I ate at.  Those balls hanging from the ceiling are disco balls.

Still More to Come!!!!!!!!!!!